Asparagasm dinner review

11 September 2014


Asparagasm = fine dining for vegans.  It REALLY REALLY does.  OMG best dinner out I have had for awhile.

Asparagasm ran a one week pop up restaurant in one of Brixton markets.  It was the perfect location because Brixton market is a hip, cool food festival.  It was beautiful to see a busy vegan restaurant in the middle of all the hubub.  And another thing it was right around the corner from Ms Cupcake!  So there you have it perfect dinner plans with a sugar filled cherry on top.

Check out the menu…

£20 for a 3 course meal with a free appetizer 🙂

First up, drinks.  Mits was in a cocktail mood.  Me?  I wanted larger 🙂

So Mits and I order different things and then share.  It’s a rule.  You have to give up your plate even if you don’t want to.  Usually I am happy to swap she has good taste.  Rarely I don’t want to…


Pea shoot salad

There was real depth of flavour in every dish.  I wanted to lick the plates, everyone…  If no one was there I would have!

Lentil parcel

My dessert was better (in my opinion!).  It was all chocolaty and gooey.  But the rules are the rules and I had to share, I really really didn’t want to.

Asparagasm’s website calender is currently blank but follow them on twitter/facebook so you hear about their next event.  You should go.  I will probably see you there.  I will be the one licking plates.




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