The Mighty Wrap

9 September 2014

Wraps, sandwiches why do they taste so good?  Take what you want, wrap it or sandwich it between 2 slices and KABOOOOOOOM! Something good becomes AWESOME!

Especially carbs.  Carbs on carbs is nice.  Crisp sandwiches, chip sandwiches. And then the faux stuff; ‘fish’ finger sandwiches, ‘duck’ wrap, ‘BLT’.  Are you drooling yet?  You should be…

Get your ingredients.  Don’t be shy, treat it like a meal because it is one.

My 3rd favourite hummus… (2nd is Sambra houmous and 1st is a brand from my local health food shop).

Now let’s built that wrap…  Smooch that hummus everywhere!

Add some grain salad, this does untold things….  I can’t explain.  Add falafel (or not).

Add sprouts (so good), olives and tomato.

And chuck on some green.  Always green.

Wrap, roll and cut.

What’s your favourite?





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