20th October 2015

I’m a bit behind with some of the things I have been loving. What can I say there is so much to love right now! So here are some from the past few months:

♥ Yoga in high places. I think we can safely say I made the most of summer roof top classes this year. Looking forward to doing it all again next year.

Sky Garden, Fenchurch

{Sky Garden }

Storeys, Shepherd Bush

Storeys }

Storeys, Shepherd Bush

{ Storeys }

Also not pictured was the roof of Selfridges (it was so COLD), but you can see the tofu scramble sandwich I thoroughly needed and enjoyed after below.

Just Fab. There’s a new vegan bus in town. I tasted their wares in Shoreditch back in July, but they have now pitched up in Hackney.



{ Arancino – literally amaze-balls }


{ Vegamisu – if you were lucky enough to spot them at Vegfest they were selling these, they are SO good }

Veg Bar had been on The List for a while, but when we heard The Vegan Ronin had taken over as head chef, we made it a point to go along and show our support. We’re selfless like that. Her tasty food and kimchi had nothing to do with it.

Veg Bar, Brixton

{ Grilled cheese, tofu frittata and seitan wings }

Veg Bar, Brixton

{ Kimchi makes me happy }

♥ Cafe Kin. Especially when they have scrambled tofu sandwiches.

Cafe Kin

Sara’s buns. And her burgers too. All from scratch and every single bite is delicious. I made the most of her residency at the Moveable Feast and I have no shame in saying I went twice during the last week!

Pomodoro E Basilica, Moveable Feast, London Bridge

Pie Baby. The most amazing mac and cheese…in a pie, what more do you need to know?! My vegan radar picked them up doing a pop up at a pub in August. When oh when will I see them again???

Pie Baby

{ I’m biting my knuckle just looking at that coleslaw again }

Pie Baby

{ R to L clockwise: The Cheesey Rider, El Fuego Bandida and The Stroganoff Molotov }

♥ Chips and mushy peas at my favourite chip shop in Torquay. Does anyone know why seaside chips always taste the best?


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