Vegfest Brighton 2016

28th February 2016

Awesome day of vegan food yesterday at Vegfest Brighton or ‘Eatfest’ as Mr Ikeda has now dubbed it. It has been a good few years since the last time I have managed to make it to Brighton at all let alone for a Vegfest. It is a 2 hour journey and 3 trains but was actually not so bad so I’m definitely thinking about more trips down there.

It was heaving but the choice of food was insane and that’s not including all the options outside of Vegfest in Brighton itself. I could easily have done both the days which I am seriously considering for next year.

After checking in with my favourite vegans (Toxic Vegan who was helping out Tofuture, Pomodoro E Basilico and Ms Cupcake who has a sweet AND savoury stand)  the Lil Man and I settled down to the serious business of trying all the new things.

Vegfest Brighton 2016

{ Beelzebab kebab }

Vegfest Brighton 2016

{ Gentle Gourmet Cafe chocolate orange macaron }

Vegfest Brighton 2016

{ Purezza pepperoni pizza }

 After delighting in the company of James Tea Cook we headed off for ice cream and the beach.

Vegfest Brighton 2016

{ Boho Gelato peanut butter sea salt caramel hazelnut coffee and almond milk milkshake }

Vegfest Brighton 2016

{Kiss Wall }

Vegfest Brighton 2016

I didn’t bring that much home most exciting was some Sgaia setain – a chilli steak and some rashers and…

Vegfest Brighton 2016

{ Ms Cupcake pulled jackfruit topped mac and cheese  – today’s breakfast of champions}

Loving Hut and VBites were also serving hot food, I spotted pancakes, sushi, Mexican, Jamaican, dosas, vegan beer, Besos was there selling their vegan Baileys for a tenner. So yeah, pretty much jealous of everyone that is going today even though I was there yesterday!


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