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Loving Hut, Archway

6 November 2014 Hot dinner date with lovely Mitsu moo = dinner at Loving Hut, archway.  And who said being vegan was boring anyway?!

Vegan rice pudding

14 October 2014 I blame Gordon Ramsey and the cold weather for my latest cooking adventure.  At least this time I used the right rice!

Not really a risotto…

10 October 2014

It’s official.  It’s cold. I am not happy about the weather.  I am protesting. Silently.  By refusing to put my summer wardrobe away.

I just reread that, it sounds like I have a lot of clothes.  I don’t.  It is summer t-shirts or winter t-shirts.  So I am walking around in summer t-shirts in silent protest hoping that the sun notices and feeling sorry for me it will turn up the heat.  I am not hopeful but I will continue.


Let's talk about food

03 October 2014 I think I forgot to tell you about my lunch at VegfestUK London…  Hello Hungry Gecko

Homemade (quick and easy) savoury goodies

14 September 2014 Vegans miss out.  You got to be kidding me!  Our food is better than ‘normal’. Why?  Because we have to use our imagination and creativity with unusual ingredients to create something orgasmic.

Redemption review

02 June 2014

I had a LOVELY evening out at Redemption alcohol free bar the other week. You know,  that pop up bar that has now found a permanent home at Goldfinger Factory, (tube: Westbourne Park).  It has been on our list for awhile now so we were happy to get there and try it out.



25 May 2014 Unfortunately this is not a blog about “What vegan seat?”  I am not an expert in this area, I can’t add anything useful or constructive… However I can show you what this vegan has been eating of late…. Assorted salad: puy lentil, […]

Chloe's Kitchen

16 May 2014 I have a LOT of cook books, some might say FAR TOO MANY (and they maybe right).  So 2014 is the year to use all my cook books. First up is Chloe Coscarelli “Chloe’s Kitchen”.

Vegan tapas

27 April 2014

Yesterday afternoon, for some reason (I think it was the new potatoes I had just bought), I decided to make patatas bravas and an aubergine thing.  The aubergine thing was going to be in a rich tomato sauce.


Spring is a coming…

8 March 2014 Which means it is time to say goodbye to the lovely, tasty, comforting WINTER FOOD and move into salad zone.  Don’t get me wrong, I wont be missing the cold weather, grey skies or rain BUT I will miss pies, mash, stews […]